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New York State Society of Radiologic Sciences


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2023 NYSSRS Virtual 1CE Lecture:"When the Doctor Becomes the Patient"

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Here are eight reasons to join the NYSSRS:

  1. As your society, we provide our members with knowledge of issues unique to our profession as they happen in our state.

  2. Opportunities for continuing education credits at our annual conference.  
  3. Networking opportunities giving you a chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones!
  4. We offer scholarships for students and RT's.
  5. We serve as a link between you and the ASRT.
  6. Strength in numbers.  Belonging to your society serves as part of a collective voice, representing issues within your state.  You can make your voice heard on important issues that may affect all imaging professionals in your state.
  7. You can work with both your society and the ASRT, to accomplish changes that may be difficult for each organization to do on their own.
  8. Finally, we give you the opportunity to volunteer on a committee or serve as an officer on our Board of Directors. These are great points for your professional portfolio.  
There are SO many opportunities available for those wanting to help make a difference!  Please join us!  Your participation is of great importance to the continued future and success of NYSSRS!

Remember--  This is your profession and this is your future!  Be proactive!

NYSSRS Upcoming Events

Our Mission

The mission of the NYSSRS is to promote the elevation of radiologic science and medical imaging professions.  We strive to promote excellence in education and the highest standards in  patient care to the communities of interest. The NYSSRS also works diligently to protect the general welfare of radiologic science professionals statewide


The members of the NYSSRS

have Elected a new Board for  2022-2024

Board of Directors

meet our board nyssrs 2022-2024.pdf

2020-2022 NYSSRS Board

* ASRT News *

Asrt Elections 

The main purpose of the ASRT election is to select the officers of the ASRT Board of Directors and the delegates who will represent each ASRT chapter 

The Election is open Feb. 14-March 7

Meet the ASRT Goverance Caninates   Meet the ASRT Chapter Delegate Candidates

3 NYSSRS Members

are running for positions In the ASRT!




NYSSRS Past President

and  NYSSRS member is running for:


Joseph Whitton, M.S., R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), FASRT
Mount Sinai, New York

One of the leading issues facing ASRT and our profession is encroachment upon our practice by unqualified individuals. As medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals, we know that our educational preparation and clinical experience unquestionably make us the most qualified personnel to perform medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures as described in the ASRT Practice Standards. Our work delivers the best quality of care and produces the best possible outcomes for our patients. As ASRT secretary, I will work to increase awareness of the high standards held by our profession and to vigorously oppose encroachment by less qualified individuals upon the work that we do best. I think that directing ASRT’s attention and resources to closely monitor pending legislative actions and challenges will be key to this effort.

NYSSRS member is running for:


Jonathan Havrda, M.P.H., R.T.(R)(CT)(BD), CRA
Brooklyn, New York

The profession is constantly evolving and is very different depending on your work environment or location. Making sure that all technologists are up to date and receiving timely communication is of key importance. The ASRT Communities discussion boards are a great way for members and chapter leadership to discuss issues as they arise. Additionally, the ASRT publications help deliver information where it is needed. They cover topics such as practice changes, developing best practice protocols, and changes or development in equipment and are a valuable resource for technologists, educators and students. There is a major need to get students and younger radiology professionals involved in the profession. Showing them how, where and when to volunteer and get involved will help our profession remain strong and a vital part of the medical community.

NYSSRS Past Nomination Chair

and NYSSRS member is running for:


Kyle Kearsley, M.S., R.T.(R)(T)(CT)

Working as a locum has allowed me to gain experience with a variety of protocols used in facilities across the country. As a result, I'm able to actively learn about the community's various techniques and points of view. This alone will make me a well-rounded and informed representative. I've worked with hundreds of professionals and treated a diverse patient population, and I've listened carefully to their hopes, concerns, questions, and complaints. My knowledge, interpersonal skills, and empathy enable me to build relationships, meet needs, and foster teamwork. My entire career has been spent in positions of responsibility where I have demonstrated leadership and organization. My ability to maintain focus under stress or pressure has identified me as a leader. I am eager to devote time and effort to expanding my knowledge so that I can contribute more to my field. I serve on the Editorial Review Board of the ASRT Radiation Therapist and the Radiation Oncology Safety Stakeholders Initiative Committee. I also sat on the NYSSRS board of directors. I've participated in the Student Leadership Development Program, ASRT Leadership Academy, Commission, SLDP Alumni Committee, and as sergeant-at-arms. 

ASRT Updates on 

Patient Shielding RECOMMENDATIONS 

The ASRT supports the elimination of gonadal and fetal shielding specifically during abdominal and pelvic radiography examinations

performed by registered radiologic technologists.

Link to the ASRT Patient Shielding Task Force



Link to NYSSRS Studens page

The NYSSRS in proud to Announce Our 2023 SLDP Representatives 

   Robert O'Brien     &    Broc Bellinger



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this Month in Radiology History

A letter from the President to the Membership

NYSSRS Upcoming Events:

Albany Legislation

08-22-2022 Updated Legislative NYSSRS Activities

Bob Geiser and Cindy Close reviewed all of the ASRT recommended pending New York State Bills. Of the 31 Bills that were carried over from 2021, we determined that the following Bills required attention:

Bill in Albany proposing  loan forgivness for Healthcare workers with a 4 year,  Bachelor's degree 

but the bill excludes

Radiologic Technologists and Medical imaging specialists, Nuclear Medical Technologists, Radiation Therapists and  Radiologist Assistants

for more information on this bill as well as other bills in Albany which we are monitoring , go to the Members/legislation tab  or click on the link below.

Legislative tab

2022 Fall Conference

Featured member


 link to letter from the President below:

05-10-22 Letter from the President to Membership.pdf

2020 -1 3rd Letter to Mship 5-28-21.doc

*The 2021 annual conference will be in Corning on  OCTOBER  21-23, 2021.  Check-in begins at 5:00pm.See below.

Program TBA


*The 2019 Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) selectees will attend the 2021 ASRT conference.  No selections will be made for 20-21.

important organizations and helpful links


Click here to visit the ACERT website    AERTSNY

Our mission is clear- to improve the quality of education among collegiate Radiologic Technology Programs

To advance the profession and science of Radiation Therapy 

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NYS Department of Health – Radiologic Technology Information and FAQ’s

Radiologic Technology Schools in NYS

Article 35:  Practice of Radiologic Technology, Public Health Law

Part 89 Practice of Radiologic Technology Rules by BERP

NYS Public Health Law, Section 225, Part 16

*NOTE:  While this is for the facility, some sections do answer questions that come up.

Below the link are a few of the most common questions.  Applicable to the facility, hospital or private NYS only. NYC has its own regulations.

Question:  Must my employer provide personnel monitoring?

Answer:  16.11  Personnel monitoring

Questions:  Who can order application of radiation to a human being (order exams)? Who can perform x-ray exams?

Answer:  16.19 Limitation on application of radiation to humans

Quality Assurance (QA) Information:

16.23 QA programs for diagnostic facilities

16.24 QA for radiation therapy

16.25 Misadministration

QA Guide for Large facilities. Over 2,500 exams/year

QA Guide for small facilities. Under 2,500 exams/year

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