A message from the new President

Hello and welcome to the New York State Society of Radiologic Sciences. However you found yourself reading this message, I want you to know right away how proud you should be as a professional in the world of radiologic imaging and/or therapy. Now, having said that, I need your support and you may not know it but you need my organization’s support to inform you of issues that directly affect your daily employment routines. The NYSSRS is here to represent and be the voice for you and 17,000 technologists in New York State.
To be frank, many technologists get their certification and license and never question anything again. Is it possible to lose that license one day, opening up our profession to less educated and lower salaried individuals? You bet it’s possible; de-licensure or limited licensure is threating the livelihoods of thousands of technologists in other states and their patients. The NYSSRS is the group that you can speak to if you feel you are working outside of your professional scope of practice.
The NYSSRS, through it’s advocacy efforts is your ear to what’s happening in New York State and as an affiliate of the ASRT, at the national level as well. We are lucky to have a good relationship with the Department of Health so we can inform our members about new regulations and current issues such as IV certification.
As your incoming President, I take these issues seriously and pledge that I will fight for our chosen profession. I will fight for the proper training of individuals wanting to use fluoroscopy. I will fight to make our profession better known to the public. And I will fight to answer any question
or issue you bring to my attention.
The society needs your support by joining and becoming active members. In latin Potentia ad populum means power to the people, and we need to increase our voice or risk becoming mute.
Best Regards,
Eric Lobel RT (CT)
President The New York State Society of
Radiologic Sciences Inc.

2014 Annual Conference was held in beautiful Corning, NY